Best Tips to Choose the Best Wallpaper and How to Maintain It

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Whether you are building your room from scratch or renovating the existing one, there are many options people consider for their walls. From simply painting them using bold colors to creating galleries using frames or wall art, people use many uses to make the walls look attractive. Using wallpaper on your walls is certainly one of the greatest choices people make.

People have been using wallpapers for centuries. One of the reasons why people prefer them is that you can even repair them later to change how it looks. Yes, there are many best ways to paint over wallpaper that look absolutely flawless. So, wallpapers are a great way to make your walls look fresh.

If you are convinced that getting wallpapers on your walls can be a good idea, then go through the section below to find out how to choose the right wallpaper and what are the maintenance tips.

How to Choose Wallpaper for Your Your Room

Here are some of the best tips for choosing the right wallpaper for your home.

Consider Your Expectations

First of all, consider what are your expectations from wallpaper application in a room. Are you going to choose a similar wallpaper for all the rooms in your house or do you want to give your rooms a distinct appearance? This basically depends on what you are looking for while going for wallpaper. Some people prefer uniformity while for others each room should have a different vibe. So, first of all consider what are your expectations as this will help you choose the best.

Wallpaper for Room or Just One Wall

This is again a matter of personal preference and is one of the important factors that determines your choice of wallpaper. Do you want to paint the whole room or just want to work on a single wall? Many people prefer wallpaper applications for accent walls but this may vary from person to person.

If you are going to paint the whole room and want to add an element of depth to your room, then go for the printed wallpapers. Similarly, you can also choose between textured and non-textured wallpapers. Textured wallpaper is also preferred for walls where imperfections are visible as it conceals surfaces properly. If you can’t decide on your own, then make sure to consult a professional regarding this.

Choose Color Wisely

The color of your room has a great impact on your mood. This can be one of the important considerations when you are choosing the wallpaper. Consider the color of the wallpaper background carefully. Cool colors on the walls make you feel fresh while in contrast warmer tones such as red and yellow make you feel warmer. Your climatic conditions can also impact your selection of wallpaper color. You can also choose a wallpaper either in accordance or in contrast with the existing paint on the other walls of the room.

Consider Wallpaper Material

Wallpaper comes in different material options that not only vary their appearance but also how they need to be cleaned or maintained. Also, some wallpaper materials are more reliable than others. So, whenever you are going to choose a wallpaper for your room, make sure you pay attention to the details of minerals to make a wise decision.

Among the wallpaper material options, vinyl wallpaper, paper, bamboo, and fabric, etc. are some of the most common choices people make. The choice of wallpaper material also depends on the palace where you are going to have it. For instance, a paper-based wallpaper isn’t going to work well in your kitchen or bathroom where moisture content is already very high.

Use of Wallpaper

Another factor that can impact the selection of wallpaper in your home is the use of wallpaper. Whether you want to use the wallpaper for a longer period of time or just want it for temporary use. If you want to use it for temporary purposes then you can choose a wallpaper that is easy to apply and easy to remove. But if you wish your wallpaper to last longer then use good quality wallpaper.


Your budget is another important consideration you should keep in mind while choosing the wallpaper. The price of wallpapers may vary according to their material, design, quality, etc. So, make sure you choose wisely.

Tips for Wallpaper Application and Maintenance

Once you have chosen the wallpaper for your room, now it’s time for the application. Here are some of the best tips you need to consider while applying wallpaper.

Get accurate measurements.
Just don’t paste the wallpaper on the wall but spend the time preparing walls for the procedure. The preparation may take some time but will guarantee you the best results.
Whenever buying the wallpaper buy some extra pieces as in case of any wastage you don’t have to rush to the market again.
Hire professionals for the installation of wallpaper rather than DYIng it especially if you haven’t done this before.

Once you are done with the installation process, now let’s talk about some of the maintenance tips to let it last longer.

Perform the regular cleaning of wallpaper by removing dust. For dust removal soft clothes attached to the stick can usually work well.
If the wallpaper is made up of durable material then you can use the cleaning solution to clean it.
If there are children in your home, chances are your wallpaper will be stained so clear them immediately before it gets permanent.
Sometimes you can get bored with your existing wallpaper and want to bring some change. In this case, you can consider painting over your wallpaper as it will give a new life to your room.

Bottom Line

Wallpapers are one of the great interior choices for residential spaces. There is a huge diversity of wallpapers and it can be quite overwhelming to pick one especially if you are doing it for the first time. So, make sure you keep all the above-mentioned factors in mind while you are choosing the wallpaper. Moreover, choosing and having wallpaper isn’t important but make sure you take proper care of your wallpapers to let them last longer.

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