Essential Tips for Writing Engaging Content on Digital Marketing, SEO & Social Media

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Content in SEO and marketing go hand in hand. If you cannot provide relevant content for your audience, enhancing your profile on social media platforms or being effective in your marketing efforts will be impossible. Because it’s a challenging skill to acquire, not all of us can produce high-quality content. 

You must be fluent in the language and possess various writing abilities, such as research, drafting, grammar, proofreading, and more, to produce high-quality and entertaining content for marketing, seo, and social media platforms. You would also need a ton of experience and practice to make a masterpiece.

If you want to learn how to create engaging content on digital marketing, search engine optimization, and social media platforms, we suggest you read this guide. In this article, we have discussed some tips for writing engaging content.

Important Tips for Writing Engaging Content on Multiple Platforms!

Out of dozens of tips that could help you, here in this section, we have discussed the most authentic and useful ones. 

Write Content Based on Original Research 

First, you should ensure that the content you are writing is based on original research work. No one is interested in reading generic content today, so if you really want to provide value to your target audience and win the search engine’s interest, you need to publish properly researched work. The content needs to be informative if you want to engage an audience. Make sure the information you collect is always relevant to the topic and is picked up from credible sources. 

Put Your Focus on the Quality of Content 

If you want to engage the target audience, you must focus on content quality. Your target audience on social media or your website would not be interested in reading content written in complex language or with human errors. This is why we always suggest writers check their work for quality issues and improve them before publishing. Today, many online tools like Grammarly  Grammarly can also give suggestions to improve content quality and remove all highlighted errors. 

Don’t Forget to Add Visuals to Content

Another important tip that can help you increase the engagement rate of your content is by adding visuals. Gone are the days when only informative textual content was considered enough to engage readers. Today, if your content doesn’t have images, infographics, tables or other visual elements, it will not intrigue readers. Statistics from credible reports show that content having visuals in it has a 60% higher engagement rate. This means it is very important to add visuals to your content, whether you are creating it for your website or social media post.

Cover Content on Trending Topics 

If you want to engage readers, make sure to share content on digital marketing topics that are trending and are related to your niche. You can find trending topics related to your niche using tools like Google Trends. Writing content on relevant and trending topics can drive organic traffic to your website or profile and boost the conversion rate. 

Craft Engaging Title Tags and Headlines

If your content is full of large chunks of text, it isn’t going to add any value or bring any audience. To make your content engaging, you have to make sure that you break it into different sections. You can divide content into different headings and subheadings. This would make it easier and more digestible for a common reader. Using numbers, captivating words, or encouraging calls to action in headings would help you get better results.

Focus on the Length of Content 

When writing content for different platforms, you must focus on the length. Longer content usually ranks better on websites and digital marketing platforms. You can aim for 1500+ words in these articles and use multiple headings, high-traffic keywords, multiple images, and much more. As for social media posts, you should go for crispy write-ups. You should write not more than 300-400 words for a social media post. Moreover, social media content should be written in a conversational tone.

Repurpose Old Top Performing Posts

Competitor analysis is very important in content marketing as well as seo writing. You must ensure you provide more value than your competitor brands or websites. You can use tools like Google Analytics and Ahref to find top-performing posts on different platforms. You can easily repurpose the same posts in your own words and by giving your unique perspective. You can also get help from online paraphrasing tools to repurpose old topics. 


Engaging content is never easy, even for the most experienced writers or content marketers. Still, to help you get on the right track, we have discussed some useful tips and tricks to help you create engaging and quality drafts for your social media posts and website content/blogs. Remember that without quality and engaging content, you cannot drive traffic to your profile or site and can never improve your conversion rate!

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