How To Remove Speed Limiter On Electric Scooter

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Electric scooters have taken urban commuting by storm by offering convenience and eco-friendly solutions. They introduce such alternatives to traditional modes of transportation.

However, many electric scooters have a built-in speed limiter to restrict the top speed. Some riders may be tempted to remove this limit in pursuit of higher speeds and exhilarating rides.

In this article, we’ll discuss the workings of a scooter’s speed limiter, its legality, and the scooter safety concerns of removing it. Read this article to explore various methods for doing so and shed light on the potential risks involved.

Electric Scooter

How Does a Scooter Speed Limiter Work?

The fastest electric scooter’s speed limit is one of the essential features. It is designed to enhance the maximum speed of the all-terrain electric scooters. Varla Eagle One V2 has a peak power of 1600W. This will help you tackle all terrain easily and enjoy your rides with speed and reliability. It is also used for controlling the flow of power from the battery.

The limiter kicks in when the all-terrain electric scooter reaches the predetermined electric scooter top speed. It starts to restrict the power output to maintain a steady speed. This is primarily intended to enhance rider safety. It helps in preventing the scooter from exceeding safe operating speeds.

Is It Illegal to Remove the Speed Limiter on an Electric Scooter?

The legality of removing a speed limiter from all-terrain electric scooters depends on the laws and regulations. In many law systems, tampering with the manufacturer’s setting is prohibited. It also includes removing a speed limiter, which could render the scooter illegal for road use.

Therefore, it is essential to research and understand all the laws and regulations of an area in the first place. Don’t try to attempt removing the electric scooter speed limiter before research.

5 Easy Ways to Remove an Electric Scooter’s Speed Limiter

An electric scooter speed limiter can be removed with multiple methods. However, it is different for every fast electric scooter. Here are some of the most common methods to remove an electric scooter speed limiter:

Unplug the Speed Limiting Wire (Most Common Tip)

The motorized scooter has a wire or connector. It plays a vital role in relaying speed information from the sensors to the controller.

Disconnecting or tampering with this wire might give the controller inaccurate speed readings. It is potentially tricking it into not recognizing the scooter’s actual speed. As a result, the speed limiter might be disabled.

However, this method comes up with risks. It could disrupt the scooter’s communication between components. This can cause erratic behavior or even damage the electronic systems. In worst cases, this tinkering might disrupt the scooter’s functionality, leading to unexpected issues while riding.

Switch to Sport Mode

In the era of modern electric scooters, manufacturers often equip their models with distinct riding modes. These modes cater to various preferences, like “Eco,” “Normal,” and “Sport.”

Transitioning into the Sport mode can occasionally be an indirect method of bypassing the speed limiter. By engaging this mode, the scooter’s performance parameters might be adjusted. These adjustments allow for higher speeds, effectively ignoring the limiter’s restrictions.

Unlike physically altering components, this method is generally considered safer. It operates within the manufacturer’s intended settings at the cost of potentially consuming more battery power and decreasing overall efficiency.

Swap the Electric Components

Some adventurous riders have embarked on a more intricate path in pursuing higher speeds. They can benefit by replacing their scooter’s original controller or motor with more robust and powerful counterparts.

This method can potentially elevate the scooter’s top speed to exhilarating levels. However, it’s a venture that demands significant technical proficiency.

Mishandling the installation process or failing to properly integrate the new components can introduce e-scooter safety hazards. Mechanical compatibility, electrical wiring intricacies, and software calibration must be meticulously addressed.

Undertaking such modifications without the required expertise can jeopardize the scooter’s performance and the rider’s safety.

Swap the Electric Components

Upgrading the Battery

For those seeking more safe approach, there are some advanced methods. These methods involve swapping out the scooter’s existing battery. You can also opt for Varla Eagle One Pro escooter, which has a 60V/27Ah lithium-ion battery. Furthermore, it can achieve a remarkable 45 miles of long-distance riding. 

This can help boost a greater voltage or increase capacity. If you’re seeking a faster electric scooter experience, consider exploring models like the Varla Eagle One V2.0 and Varla Eagle One Pro offer impressive performance within safe and legal limits.

This strategic upgrade has the potential to infuse the motor with a heightened power supply. Moreover, it is consequently augmenting the scooter’s top speed. The concept is new, but it has complexities.

A thorough understanding of electrical systems is essential for properly integrating a new battery. Additionally, they guarantee compatibility issues and potential software recalibrations.

Furthermore, this approach promises improved performance. It also has inherent dangers and difficulties. They may ultimately affect the rider’s safety and the dependability of the fastest electric scooter.

Potential Dangers of Removing the Speed Limiter

The removal of electric scooter speed limiters is not easy. Here are some potential dangers associated with it. They are:

Loss of Control

The potential loss of control is one of the most immediate and severe risks of eliminating the speed limits.

Electric scooters are designed to offer a steady and balanced riding experience within a range of permitted speeds. The scooter’s stability may be at risk if these limits are exceeded, especially by inexperienced riders.

Riding at higher speeds requires more skilled control; even a tiny mistake in driving or handling can be dangerous. They may have disastrous repercussions.

Unexpected movements, irregularities in the road, and sudden impediments might intensify dangers. Understanding the value of keeping the limiter engaged as a safety measure when driving at high speeds.

Reduced Braking Efficiency

The correlation between speed and braking efficiency is a fundamental principle of physics. Faster speeds accelerate quicker reaction times and longer stopping distances.

When the speed limiter is removed, it can attain speeds beyond its original design parameters. This could result in a scenario where braking to a stop requires a significantly longer distance than anticipated.

Without complementary enhancements to the braking system, the scooter’s ability to decelerate controlled is compromised. Such circumstances can lead to collisions, loss of balance, and potential injuries to the rider.

Reduced Braking Efficiency

Mechanical Strain

Electric scooters are meticulously engineered to operate optimally within specific performance boundaries. Removing the speed limiter pushes the scooter’s components beyond these carefully calculated limits.

This can subject the motor, battery, and other crucial parts to undue strain and stress. Over time, consistent operation at higher speeds can contribute to accelerated wear and tear. It is potentially leading to premature mechanical failures.

Components never intended to endure such forces can degrade faster, impacting the scooter’s longevity and the rider’s safety as critical parts deteriorate.

Final Thoughts

These were possible and common methods to remove electric scooter speed limiters. The temptation to remove a speed limiter on your Varla scooter might be strong. But it’s essential to approach this decision with caution and prioritize safety.


We hope the following FAQs might clear all your queries. They are:

What Is the Typical Top Speed of Electric Scooters for Adults?

The top speed of electric scooters for adults varies widely. Depending on the model and brand, it ranges from 15 to 40 mph.

Are There Alternative Ways to Increase the Scooter’s Speed without Removing the Speed Limiter?

Paying attention to elements like topography, rider posture, and tire pressure can impact the scooter’s performance. These techniques won’t, however, result in a speed boost as big as deleting the limitation.

What Safety Precautions Should I Take if I Decide to Remove the Speed Limiter?

 If you still choose to remove the speed limiter despite the risks, follow these precautions:

Wear appropriate safety gear, including a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads.
Gradually test the scooter at increased speeds in a controlled and safe environment.
Ensure you have an advanced understanding of the scooter’s mechanics before attempting any modifications.

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