Must-Read Guide for Customer-First Ecommerce Web Design Trends!

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When running an eCommerce business, it is very important that your site design aligns with the customers’ flexibility in terms of navigation and shopping approach. Your eCommerce web design elements, such as layout, typography, schemes, UX, and other such aspects, will contribute to delivering the best shopping experience to your customers. 

And, as the competition in the eCommerce arena has been increasing stupendously over the past couple of decades, it is now important you pick up the pace and adopt the best designs in order to stay ahead of the curve. To help you implement the same, let’s give you an insight into some of the best web design trends for eCommerce platforms. 

Read along till the end to find out! 

What is eCommerce Website Design?

As you know, the perfect UI and UX tends to attract the attention of your customers right from the time they access your store. With the best eCommerce websites design, you will be able to showcase your product offerings and brand highlights in the best ways possible. 

You might want to add a lot of creativity to your eCommerce store, but a design is stated as perfect only when it is user-friendly. To express the importance of eCommerce website design, you must know that around 42% of visitors abandon the site as a result of poor functionality. 

To add to that statistic, you must know that around 38.5% of web designers stated in a survey that outdated site design is responsible for the high exit rate of visitors. Colors, layouts, navigational links, and other elements are collectively responsible for making an eCommerce website work well in the market. 

When you manage to implement the right sense of user-friendliness to the eCommerce store, people will find it easy to move around it, browse your products, explore the information, and then process the checkouts. Some of the things that can be expected out of a well-designed eCommerce site are:

Clean site design without much-complicated navigation or clutters. 
Colors should be eye-catching and not too familiar or boring. 
Visual presentations are appreciated to explain your brand’s highlights. 
Clear layouts and store functions must be implemented. 

What are Some of the Futuristic eCommerce Web Design Trends?

As the technology has evolved immensely for the eCommerce industry in recent times, the design trends have improved as well. When you hire an agency offering services on eCommerce website design Australia, the experts will help you go through these technology trends with respect to site design. 

To help you get a standard idea of it, here are a few of the web design trends for eCommerce business that you can count on:

Introduce Centre Navigation

You can plan on introducing a navigation menu that would take the center position over your store. When you place the site navigation menu at the screen’s center, it will boost its accessibility for visitors. 

Moreover, it is a modern design element, which would make it convenient for the visitors to move around your store. Thus, it will ensure a more engaging and intuitive experience for the users. 

Use of Creative Animations

Upon hiring professional eCommerce website design services, the experts would suggest you use captivating visual animations to boost your site’s engagement. The animations ought to be crafted properly and must have the ability to add visual life to your store content and the products. 

For instance, you can add transitions between product images, hover effects to access more information, loading animations, and others to keep the visitors entertained in your store. It will eventually leave a long-lasting impression. 

Incorporating Astounding Typography

One of the most crucial design principles that you must commonly adopt while seeking eCommerce website development is typography. When you choose the right fonts for elaborating your site information, you eventually increase the overall UX of your store. 

When used right, the fonts will set the overall tone of your brand and will emphasize the attention of visitors toward specific store elements. For instance, when you are choosing the right fonts for the logo, your aim should be to make the visitors easily read any text or initials without straining their eyes too much. 

You can choose just a couple of the right font families for use throughout the website. There is a trend for eCommerce site owners to maintain consistency in terms of typography over the store to ensure there’s no confusion. 

Mobile Optimisation

As of today, it is very common for people to shift between devices while accessing your store products or features. Irrespective of whether you are developing your store on Magento or WordPress, taking note of mobile-friendly design is highly important. 

If you ignore this fact, you will be turning down a lot of sales opportunities from potential customers. Therefore, seek dedicated Magento or WordPress website design experts to help you implement mobile optimization for your store to deliver a positive user experience for your customers. 

May it be feature migration, navigation, screen size adjustment, and others, your mobile design should align well in terms of performance or responsiveness, just like your web store. 

Improved Product Page Design Trends

You can pick your ideal WordPress, BigCommerce or Magento theme development company to get unique appeal for your eCommerce site. But, if you aren’t driving their attention towards adding uniqueness to your product pages, then your site might lag behind the competitors’ stores. 

So, the product page design trends imply the addition of full-width images, zooming effects, lightbox functionality, creative descriptions, and others. If you want to win over your competition, these design elements will make your product pages stand out. 

Bottom Line

These are some of the eCommerce web design trends that are gaining popularity in 2023 and will continue to be adopted in the future. If you are planning on starting off your new eCommerce store, be assured the design will play a crucial role in driving more conversions through better user experience. 

Connect with one of the best eCommerce development agencies and talk to proficient web designers to help you with suggestions on the best elements that would enhance the overall UX of the store. 

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