Tampa PI Firm With a Global Reach: Inside Axeligence

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Tampa, FL – The private investigation firm Axeligence may be based in Tampa, but their work spans the globe. Founded in 2020 by Neta Dan, a 31-year veteran of the investigative industry, Axeligence has quickly grown into one of the premier PI firms in the state of Florida and beyond.

While Axeligence’s physical office is located in Israel, they have worked cases across the United States and internationally. “We’ve done investigations in over 40 different countries,” said Dan. “We go wherever our clients need us.”

Axeligence handles a wide variety of cases including:

 Insurance fraud
Missing persons
Financial crimes
And more

The firm is known for its innovative use of technology and social media to aid investigations.

“We employ all of the latest techniques and tools available,” Dan explained. “Surveillance cameras, online databases, social media monitoring, computer forensics – our investigators use it all to dig deep and get the facts.”

The firm’s international reach is aided by its multilingual staff and extensive network of contacts around the world. Axeligence can conduct interviews, gather records, perform surveillance, and access local resources virtually anywhere on the globe.

“We’ve solved cases that law enforcement had given up on by taking our investigation overseas,” said Dan. “Our global capabilities allow us to leave no stone unturned for our clients, no matter how complex or geographically dispersed the case may be.”

International Investigations

One example of Axeligence’s international work was a recent case of suspected insurance fraud in Italy. The client suspected one of their policyholders in Rome had filed a fraudulent claim for an alleged theft. Axeligence sent an investigator fluent in Italian to Rome to investigate. Through interviews with witnesses, surveillance, and background checks, They able to prove the claim was indeed fraudulent, saving their client hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Another complex international case involved locating the assets of a Swiss bank account holder who had passed away unexpectedly. Investigators were able to work with Swiss authorities to finally track down the assets and return them to the family. These are just a couple examples of the global reach and capabilities of Axeligence.

Domestic Investigations

Domestically, Axeligence handles all types of cases for both corporate and individual clients. A major part of their caseload involves performing due diligence background checks for businesses contracting new vendors or hiring employees. They conduct in-depth investigations of a company or individual’s history to uncover any past criminal activity, lawsuits, bankruptcies, hidden assets, and other red flags.

Another common investigation is tracking down missing heirs or beneficiaries to unclaimed property, estates, life insurance policies, and more. The firm uses public records, genealogical research, and their investigative skills to locate rightful beneficiaries and assist them in obtaining funds that are legally theirs.

Of course, Axeligence also continues the classic PI work of surveilling cheating spouses, tracking down deadbeat parents behind on child support, and investigating employee theft and embezzlement for businesses. The firm’s undercover investigators use the full range of modern surveillance techniques to gather evidence and uncover the truth.

Looking Ahead

As Axeligence continues to grow, Dan says the mission remains the same – to leverage the latest technology and human intelligence to solve clients’ most difficult cases. “We’ve built a reputation for taking on and cracking the cases no one else could,” said Dan. “Our experts here in Tampa might work a local missing person case one day, and a global financial crime the next. The work is always challenging, always changing, but the end result of providing answers and justice makes it all worth it.”

From quick background checks to complex international investigations, the private investigators at Axeligence have proven there are no limits on how far they will go to get the facts. Their work knows no geographical boundaries.


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