TikTok Wrapped: End-of-Year Review Tool for TikTok Activity

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TikTok wrapped is an end-of-year review tool. It permits its users to count the number of videos they’ve viewed. Users are also able to see the duration of their watching session. It was first released in 2021. This tool was not accessible in 2022. People can use a 3rd party website. It includes Wrapped for TikTok to view the statistics. TikTok users can now generate their activity stats in the Spotify-wrapped style. It’s using an unofficial tool that analyses the data of their account.

The TikTok Wrapped was created by developer Bennett. He integrates the famous design to show users how much time they’ve spent on TikTok. It’ll show full analytics in terms of minutes & days. Users can also see their most used emojis & a number of other features. It’s forcing some users to reflect deeply on their life decisions. This application is free to use & even comes with a Spotify embed. So, users can add music to their TikTok year-in-review videos. Let’s discuss about Tiktok Wrapped in detail:

How To Get Your TikTok Wrapped

Users must download their data to utilize the application from TikTok. It is in ‘JSON-Machine-readable file’ format. Users of TikTok should go to their profile & press the menu in the upper right corner. Then select ‘Settings and privacy’ to locate this. Now choose ‘Account’ & then ‘Download your data. You have to click the ‘Request data’ tab & choose the JSON option.
You have to wait for TikTok to pull the report. This can take some time for users who have been using the software for years and make heavy use of it. The JSON file will be accessible from the same menu ‘Download data’ tab after it is prepared. Customers can return to the Wrapped for TikTok website after obtaining the data in a ZIP file. Select the ‘I have my TikTok data export, let’s go!’ option.
The Wrapped report will be available shortly after you upload the file. Users only have to make sure they’re logged into Spotify in the browser they are currently using in order to have Spotify play in addition to their TikTok Wrapped. The previous six to twelve months of activity related to the TikTok users will serve as the basis for the report.
The data of users is not sent to an external server according to Wrapped for TikTok’s inventor. The tool does not have access to their complete login credentials. Anyone can browse through the entire open-source code on GitHub. But be ready for some painful truths regarding how much time you spend on TikTok all in good humor.

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How Does TikTok Wrapped Help Creators?

Users can find their TikTok activities over the previous year. It can be engaging with Wrapped for TikTok. It can also assist users in finding fresh content & trends. They can monitor their success by letting them know how many people have watched & shared their short videos.
Users can find trends by showing them the most watched videos. The trending hashtags from the previous year in the TikTok. The feedback can be visible to users on the platform. The TikTok videos have received a good amount of comments.

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TikTok Wrapped: Statistics & Highlights

Sessions of Watching Videos:

‘TikTok Wrapped’ tool shows the number of watched sessions. It’s to interact with content. It’s a gauge of the continued participation of users on TikTok. It also represents the yearly usage habits of the TikTok users.
You can see the number of videos you’ve seen this year. It is done by using TikTok Wrapped. It’s a wonderful fact. It illustrates how much time you’ve spent using the platform.

Average Session Length:

It helps users to see the average session length. It also shows the time spent by users on using the TikTok app. This shows how much time you typically spend on each TikTok session. It gives useful info into your usage habits.
This feature shows the time you’ve spent watching TikTok videos throughout the year. It analyses and prepares the complete chart on an annual basis. It offers an incredible insight into it. You can use the platform. It shows the amount of time you spend exploring.  

Number of Likes Given:

This TikTok Wrapped tutorial feature shows the number of likes you’ve given to posts. This metric represents the degree to which you actively participate on the site. It reflects on your interactions & engagement with content creators.

Used Emoji:

This entertaining feature on TikTok Wrapped shows the emojis. The viewers have used the most in comments over the years. It’s a thought-provoking method to consider how you react. They can also communicate their feelings on the site.

No of Comments:

It shows the number of comments you’ve left over the year. This metric offers insight into the number of people involved.

Tiktok Persona:

Your user profile is creatively summarized. The essence of your interactions & activities within the app. It depicts your TikTok identity. It showcases your tastes, action & most importantly. The way you carry yourself in the TikTok community.

TikTok Most Used Day:

It shows what day of the week it is when you’re found browsing TikTok. The usage patterns can be seen using it. This is clear of your usage patterns. It highlights the points at which engagement on the platform jumps. The engagement can be seen here easily. It provides an attractive look to your TikTok routine.

The website Tiktok Wrapped 2023 is not owned by reputed officials. It is crucial to recognize the risks associated with the use of TikTok Wrapped. The person who created the website utilized the data in their browser. Nothing ever uploads it to a server. Bennett also provides the chance to go over wrapped entire source code on Tiktok. Users can utilize it to confirm its security.


TikTok Wrapped is a wonderful tool. It permits users to showcase their TikTok journey. Users can participate in the community. It’s a representation of their interactions & online character on the site. It is much more than just a year end summary. TikTok Wrapped also offers useful information to content producers. They can adjust their approach to better suit the interests of their audience. TikTok Wrapped offers a new level of engagement. It provides insight into their year long journey on the platform.

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