Top Stories from Greek Mythology that Kids will Love

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Let’s have a look at some brief top stories from Greek Mythology for kids.

The story about Chaos

Chaos was the origin of everything from Greek Mythology Family Tree. The empty, unfathomable space at the start of time. Chaos existed in a state even before the universe was created. Chaos is often described as a god, who bridged the gap between Heaven and Earth. The first beings born out of chaos were : Gaia,Nyx, Mother Earth, Tartarus, the Underworld, Uranus, the Sky, the Night.

The story of the Titans

The Titans came next and were the Greek gods that governed the world before the Olympians. The first twelve Titans were the children of the ancient gods Uranus (Father Sky) and Gaia (Mother Earth). Some of the Titans’ children are also renowned gods in Greek mythology.

The King of the Titans was cronos. However, a prophecy predicted that his sons would one day overthrow him. Each time his wife Rhea had a child he would swallow it to protect himself. This worked up until Cronus ate a rock instead of her infant (Zeus), who she had hidden away in a cave because she was upset about losing her children. Zeus survived and became a very prominent figure in Greek Mythology.

Once Zeus was born, his father was compelled to split up his siblings. Once grown, Zeus eventually freed his siblings, and with the help of their gigantic half-siblings, the three Cyclopes and three fifty-headed monsters, the Olympians triumphed over the Titans. They ruled over the affairs of mankind from their palace located atop Mount Olympus.

Atlas is also a well known Titan. After losing the war against Zeus, Atlas was punished and he had to support the heavens on his shoulders. Atlas is often pictured holding the Earth.

Stories of the Twelve Olympian Gods

The Twelve Olympian Gods’ Stories

Greek mythology is famously known for its tales about the Olympian Gods. From Greece’s Mount Olympus these twelve famous gods and goddesses ruled the universe. They had come to power after their commander, Zeus, overthrew his father, Cronos, the titans leader. Each Olympians has a family connection to one another. The Romans adopted the majority of these Greek gods and goddesses but with new names gifts for history buffs.

The story of Goddess Athena

The next story is of the Olympian goddess Athena. Zeus, the father of gods and goddesses, was the father of Athena. Her mother was a mortal woman -Metis. Older gods had alterted Zeus that he would be in trouble if Metis gave birth to a daughter. So he completely swallowed Metis. But when  Athena was ready to be born, she exploded full-grown out of Zeus’s head. She was completely dressed in armor. She also carried a shield and a spear with her. Athena turned out to be a wonderful warrior.

The story of the twelve Labors of Heracles

Alongside many gods, Greek Mythology also represents countless demigods. The most known is Heracles. Many famous stories were told of his life, the most common being is the twelve labours of Heracles. Each of these elaborate 12 labors stories are represented interestingly and will give great knowledge to kids.

The story of Perseus and the Gorgon Medusa


If your kids prefer story about monsters, they will also like the famous tale about the terrifying Gorgon Medusa and the great hero Perseus. Demigod Perseus parents were Olympian god Zeus and the mortal woman Danae. Perseus wanted to kill Medusa to be the sole mortal of the three monstrous sisters. Instead of hair, Medusa had living poisonous snakes on her head and anyone who looked at her eyes would immediately turn into stone. With the help and the wisdom of goddess Athena, Perseus approached the monster by seeing through the reflection of a shield and cutting off her head.

The story of Theseus and the Minotaur

Greek mythology contains the story of Theseus,the prince of Athens which includes the well known labyrinth . This labyrinth was created by Daedalus for King Minos of Knossos on Crete to hold the ferocious half man – half bull known as the Minotaur.

The myth of Theseus and the Minotaur is one of the most tragic and intriguing myths of Greek Mythology. Theseus, a genuine Greek hero, and Minotaur, one of the most devastating and terrifying monsters are the protagonists of a story connecting the two of the main city-states in the Hellenic civilization  Athens and Crete.

The story of the Apple of Discord

Kids love the Apple of Discord, which resembles the symbolism of a well known fairy tail in certain ways.The main character in this story is Eris. The goddess of discord, Eris the goddess of discord, was not invited during the wedding of Thetis and Peleus. Enraged by this, she threw a solid gold apple into the wedding. It had written on it “to the fairest”.

All the gods disintegrated and most goddesses, but Athena, Aphrodite, and Hera battled over the title. They asked Zeus whom it belonged to, and he recommended Paris, a mortal prince. They showed him the apple, and bribed him with gifts to answer the question. He picked Aphrodite and would start a war between the gods and mortals.

The story of the Argonauts and Jason 

This story is among one of the most interesting stories of Greek Mythology of Jason and the Argonauts, and their search for the Golden Fleece. In Greek mythology, Jason led the group of 50 travelers who walked out on a long journey to find the Golden Fleece.

The story of the Talos

The Talos, also spelled Talon or Talus, was a giant bronze automaton made by Hephaestus, the Greek god of  blacksmithing and invention. Made with superhuman strength, and powered by ichor, the life fluid of the gods, this automaton was unlike anything Hephaestus had ever created .The god named his creation with the name Talos: the first robot.

If you want to read more about your favorite story of a character with your child, invest in a good Greek Mythology storybook history gifts. Greek Mythology is classic and it is good to have a core collection of books that will help in the growth of your kids.


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